Books update 01/04/2014

Dear Friends and collector, for today we have a special update with some special specimens...


FREE Shells to giveaway

Dear Friend & collector, we added a few more specimens you can get for free.. check out our FREE SPECIMENS SECTION!!

Where can i find those specimens?
I will explain.. from this friday 31/01/2014 we will have a new section on our website with the amazing shells you can get for free... 

How can i get the specimens?
For example, if you want a specimen that costs 50€, you just need to add that specimen to our cart, it will appear on checkout as if it costs 0€, then just place an order on our website of 50€ to match the price of the specimen you want, and its done..

Can i choose 2 or more specimens?
Yes you can, it works the same way as you choose only one specimen.. just need to match your order with the total of the specimens you want...

Any other question just email us to:

The specimens will stay online only 2 weeks, every 2 weeks it will be available another fantastic lot of specimens!

Enjoy this magnific oportunity!
Deep'n Reef Shells